Calcium aluminum borosilcate

Borisilicate lime aluminum


Evaluation: Great

Origin: Mineral


A means of care and skin, captures dirt.

Decorative filler for cosmetics that adds shine. Safe if it is used according to the instructions.

Lime borosilicate is a type of high shiny substance that is used in cosmetics as a filler (volumetric agent). It can be found in nail polish, thanks to its consistency it is also suitable for making eye shadows, added to makeup and personal hygiene products.

During laboratory research, the toxicity for humans or the environment has not been confirmed. Although it contains aluminum, we do not have to worry about it in cosmetics, because the chemical binding of borosilicate is so narrow that it is unable to release the aluminum.

There are no carcinogenic or irritating effects.

In addition to cosmetics, borosilicates are used to produce laboratory glass and utility kitchen dishes due to high durability.