Rating: Poorly

Origin: Chemical


Preservative, possible allergic reactions.

Paraben. Preservative. Allergen. Causes endocrine disorders.

It pollutes the environment.

Butylparaben may irritate or dry the skin or cause an allergic reaction. Some sources also indicate its unfavorable impact on the respiratory tract, endocrine and digestive system. Even if it is excreted from the body of the urine, the small part can retain the body in tissues. It is considered potential carcinogen, which has not been officially proven yet. It should not be used in products for pregnant women and young children. Other parabens such as isopropylparaben, isobutylparaben, phenylparaben, benzylparaben, pentylparaben, have been banned in the European Union since 2014. After reviewing defectiveness, the maximum concentration in the product was reduced to 0.14%in 2015 in Butylparaben and Propylpareben. It was banned in infants in rinse -free products (sore spots). In some countries, non -recommended substances for children under 3 years of age are among the countries.