Butyl Ester of Pvm/has a copolymer

The butylester of Metylvinyl etern and maleinanhydride


Rating: Acceptable

Origin: Chemical


The PVM / MA copolymer antistatic is a copolymer of methylvinylether and anhydride of maleinic acid or maleinic acid.

PVM / MA copolymer salts can also be used in cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

In cosmetics and personal care products, these ingredients are used in the preparation of hair sprays, wool and other hair products, as well as mascara and skin care products. Functions such as binder, film -forming substances and hair fixation.

In addition, it is reported that the PVM / MA and the ISopropylester copolymer PVM / MA is an emulsion and suspending substances - superficial substances.