Boswellia Carterii

Right incense (resin)


Rating: Great

Origin: Plant


The effective positive component, has cleansing and uplifting.

It is mainly used in the cosmetics industry in the anti -aging products. Reduces the visibility of scars and stretch marks. It improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin, fights free radicals, adds nutrition to skin cells. It lightens pigment spots and is also added to personal care for problematic skin.

At the same time, it acts as a natural preservative in cosmetics because it is antibacterial and prevents the propagation of bacteria and the product degradation.

In oral hygiene products, it reduces gum bleeding and maintains healthy and solid teeth. It has a good effect on reducing stress load, acting as a slight sedative.

Used in autism. Because it stimulates the activity of blood circulation, it has a high proportion of hormonal balance in women, it reduces the formation of uterine carcinogens and fibroids. It counteracts abdominal and head pain. It strengthens the central nervous system, cleanses the air.

It is added to massage oils to reduce pain during rheumatism. Incense calms cough and heals the problems of the respiratory system.

It is used to treat the urinary tract infections.