Bertholletia Excelsa

Juvie Norway (Tree)


Rating: Great

Origin: Plant


Effective positive component.

Oil and tasty nuclei Juvie Norway have been an important part of the native diet since time immemorial. Round packaging of fruits is used as a container for collecting latex from Brazilian rubber, as a cup of drinking or lit a small fire whose smoke repels insects.

The broth of the comprehension was used in traditional Brazilian medicine for stomach pain, liver diseases, such as cooking oil, lamp filling and even as a soap or shampoo.

Para nuts can neutralize free radicals, act as a powerful antioxidant, are very nutritious and serve as a quiet agent. Have a slightly laxative effect. To this day, Para nuts are used to relieve abdominal pain and in poor digestion.

Some studies have shown that the Para nuts prevent cancerous growth, strengthen immunity and have antiviral effects. They also have anti -inflammatory, strengthen the heart and brain health and improve intestinal peristalsis. They also reduce poor cholesterol levels and the risk of diabetes, alleviate depression and eliminate stress.

High -quality nut oil is added to cosmetics. Creams containing oil from nuts nourish and hydrate the skin well, have regenerative and rejuvenating properties.

Products with nut extracts promote hair growth, nourish the roots and add to the shine. They are added to shampoos or conditioners, respectively. to soaps.