Behenyl Alcohol

Runhenyl alcohol


Rating: Great

Origin: Plant


Regulates consistency.

Behenyl Alcohol, another name also docosanol, is saturated with 22-naughty alifatic alcohol. It is a solid colorless waxy substance, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol. It is made of vegetable oils.

Behenyl Alcohol has antiviral properties and is used in the pharmaceutical industry to treat herpes (under the name 1-Docosonal).

In cosmetic products it acts as an emulsifier, plasticizer, thickener and binder. It ensures cohesion, increases stability and extends the durability of cosmetic products. Increases foaming and stabilizes foam. When applied to the skin, it provides smooth feeling and helps prevent moisture loss.

Behenyl Alcohol can cause skin irritation at the application site.

It is considered a safe substance without negative effects on human health and the environment.