Ascorbyl Glucoside

Ascorbyl glucoside





Effective ingredient (glycoside vitamin C)

Because pure vitamin C is such a diva (very unstable and difficult to formulate), it seeks to come up with some derivatives that do not have unstable properties of vitamin C (antioxidant protection + collagen support + fading hyperpigmentation).

This is a difficult task, and there is no derivative that will actually prove to be better in all respects, but ascorbyl glucoside is one of the best options in terms of vitamin C derivatives.

Let's see why:

First, it is really stable and easy to formulate, so there are problems associated with pure vitamin C. Secondly, in vitro studies (meaning in the laboratory, not on real people) show that ascorbyl-glucoside can penetrate the skin.

This is important for the key component against aging to handle it, so it is good news, even if the study in vivo (performed on real people) is still needed.