Arginine (amino acid)


Rating: Good



Antistatic, reduces static electricity.

The administration of amino acids causes the entire spectrum of hormones - eg glucagon, insulin and growth hormone that promotes muscle mass production, and therefore this amino acid is a popular part of athletes (especially bodybuilders).

Arginine further accelerates cell renewal, acts on the burning of subcutaneous fat and stimulates the immune system, which is used in the treatment of injuries, burns, after -traumatic and postoperative conditions.

In cosmetics, arginine is used as a stimulator of biosynthesis in skin cells and also as a substance that maintains moisture in the skin - acts as a conditioner. It stabilizes the pH of the skin and maintains its protective acid cloak.

It has an antistatic effect and improves tolerance to more aggressive substances in cosmetics.

It is very well tolerated by the skin and is a allowed substance in certified natural cosmetics.