Anthyllis vulneraria



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The effective positive component, acts healing.

The Bolhoji interest is a medicinal plant. The flowering leaves or just the flower head is collected, which are dried as quickly as possible in the shade to keep the flowers their natural color.

It contains flavonoids, tannins, saponins, slime, yellow dye, sugars, essential oils, organic acids. It is used in the form of a brine. It has tightening and disinfectant effects, in internal use it has a slight laxative and promotes metabolism.

As the Czech name suggests, this plant is used in folk medicine especially to support the healing of various skin wounds, such as poorly healing ulcers, open wet wounds, eczema or frostbite, in the form of tiling or bath.

It is also suitable for rinsing of the oral cavity in gum or almond inflammations. Combined with the leaves of raspberry and strawberry, it is used as a substitute for real tea.