IBa Rosaeodor

Pink wood


Rating: Great



The effective positive component, relaxes and soothes.

It is also used to treat slowly healing wounds. It supports their good healing, helps to reduce the visibility of scars and stretch marks.

It has astringent effects, acts as a tonic and helps to improve skin condition overall. It has analgesic, antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. It is effective against staphylococcal infection. It is suitable for coughing, colds and fever, infectious diseases, but is also used in headaches.

It reduces nausea, nervous tension, promotes the functions of the endocrine system. Therefore, it is used as a supplementary agent in the treatment of frigidity.

Pink wood oil also ranks among aphrodisiacs and counteracts frigidity. It works as an aphrodisiac. It relieves nervousness, is suitable for increased stress and insomnia. However, because it comes from an endangered tree species, it is possible to choose an alternative as an environmentally friendly sustainability as Ho-SHO wood is as effective.

It is not suitable for epilepsy, in young children, oncological patients.

It is good to consult an aromatherapist about its use during pregnancy.