Angelica Archangelica

Angelic Medical

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Effective positive component.

Angelica helps to improve the activity of the glands with internal secretion, dampen menstrual pain and symptoms of migraine, stimulate heart activity, strengthens blood vessels.

The root of angels relieves medical in flatulence, stomach problems and rheumatism. It has anti -cref effects, promotes bile production, cleans blood and facilitates urine and sweating.

Angelica helps in the deletion of the airways or in the inflammation of the oral cavity. In the form of a warm bath of angelica, it strengthens the fatigue and exhaustion of the body and also in rheumatism. It helps to increase stress resistance.

Angel tincture is always used before eating or for massage of tired muscles.

Angel oil can be lubricated with sore joints, decoction is used as tea, gargling or tiles, or angels weld with water and add to the baths.

Angels have found use in cosmetics - helping to improve metabolism and hydrate of the skin, has anti -inflammatory effect and soothes the skin.

It is often used for cosmetics for mature skin. It is also added to perfumes, shower and bath products.