Rating: Great


A means of care for the skin.

The pineapple extract is great for care for problematic skin, improves its appearance and gives it a healthy shine.

Thanks to the content of carbohydrates and α-hydroxykyselin (AHA), it acts as a moisturizing substance and prevents skin drying, forms a protective film on the skin that effectively prevents dehydration. It improves skin elasticity, so it is mainly used in anti-aging skin care. It stimulates the activity of collagen synthesis.

The pineapple extract is rich in vitamin C, thus gaining excellent properties for healing injured skin, activating new, healthy tissue. It is used for burns or surgical interventions.

In natural cosmetics, pineapples are used, grown according to the strictest requirements for conservation of biodiversity (renewable sources) and fair-trade production.

In biological pineapple cultivation, emphasis is placed on the preservation of ecosystems and natural soil restoration. The pineapple extract is not irritating, does not cause allergies and is well tolerated.