Rating: Good

Origin: Vegetal

Thickener, used to trap.

The thickener, abrasive, prevents the product from gluing (eg eye shadows or blush), absorbent, inorganic UV filter.

Chemically, baugit is used chemically. Hliny oxide is used, for example, as a filler of plastic or porcelain. It is used as a thickening agent and absorbent in cosmetics. Has an abrasive function. Improves the texture of cosmetic products.

Under the designation CI 77000, it is used as a dye for decorative cosmetics (make-ups, eye shadows, nail polishes) as well as skin and hair care (hair colors). Generally, aluminum oxide is used in toothpastes to deliver the shine of the teeth or in sunscreen as part of UVA protection. It is a safe substance approved for use in natural cosmetics.