Aloe Barbadensis

Aloe Vera (Aloe Right)

Rating: Great

Origin: Vegetal

Effective positive component, soothes, helps in burning, healing, moisturizing, treatment of burns, wound healing, antimicrobial, anti -inflammatory.

Aloe vera binds moisture to help the skin hydration. At the same time, the leaf gel shows considerably regenerative, soothing, softening, healing and cooling skills. It works as an antioxidant and is anti -inflammatory. Thanks to these properties, it is ideal for sun burns. It creates a protective film on the skin and thanks to its antioxidant activity and the content of vitamin A and E, damaged skin can regenerate well. It is also suitable for the treatment of minor injuries, insect stings, less severe skin infections, cysts, eczema, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, magnifying glass and even genital cold sores. It also suppresses the visibility of stretch marks, ensures the restoration of broken tissue, and restores it elasticity. In dental hygiene, it fights against gingivitis, bleeding and repeated aphthae. In internal use, it effectively strengthens the immunity of the whole body, harmonizes the digestive tract and helps in inflammations, greatly supports detoxification of the body, reduces high cholesterol and dampens pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis. Aloe vera juice (food supplement) should not be consumed by children and pregnant women. Aloe juice can act as a laxative and may occur on an allergic reaction. It can also respond to some types of drugs (eg diabetes or hypertension. In case of doubt about the suitability of use, consult your doctor.