Are Your Cosmetics Not Working? 5 Steps to Take Care of Your Skin, From The Inside

Are you bothered by problematic skin, even though you take care of it with quality cosmetic products? The cause may be on the inside. Your skin very often reflects your mood, and shows the overall state of your physical and mental well-being. And when imbalance arises, even cosmetics may not help. But how to establish and maintain your inner balance?

Skin problems mostly come from internal factors

If you suffer from dry or acne-prone skin, it may be wise to examine the state of your physical or mental health. If you find that there are no hormonal changes or other health factors that your doctor can help you with, it's time to make some other behavioural changes.

Drinking water is essential

It’s time to start thinking about a drinking regimen. Think about how much water you drink each day. Remember the beneficial effects of hydration. A regular and sufficient drinking regimen has a significant influence not only on your skin, but even on your mental health and energy levels. Treat yourself to a glass of water regularly during the day, and you will not be surprised when you see your skin improves. Water is life, so don't forget it.

You are what you eat

Your diet has a significant impact not only on how you feel, but also how you look. If you often experience fatigue, it's good to think about what you are eating. A balanced diet also affects the quality of your nails and hair. It’s best to eliminate industrially processed foods, white sugar, and wheat flour from the diet. No, you don't have to go from one extreme to another. A small change will help you test which foods don't suit you and which ones are better for you. Don't forget to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try, for example, our favourite smoothie recipes that we regularly post on our Instagram. It is a healthy and tasty snack that will quickly give you energy.

Fall in love with yourself

Skin is an imaginary barrier between you and the environment. A lack of confidence can manifest itself externally in the form of skin problems. The next step to take is self-love. Be good to yourself. Try to start a new beauty routine. Pamper yourself regularly, not just your skin. It is essential to take some time for your wellness and it will show in your skin.

Heal with herbs

The right mix of herbs can conjure up changes that positively affect the body and the psyche. It was precisely the healing power of herbs that inspired Sylvia from C.Lavie to create a new line of nutricosmetics. Her three exquisite herbal blends of floral waters for internal use have the healing potential to bring harmony to your body and care for your skin from inside. The ongoing pandemic influenced Sylvia to create healthy nutricosmetics to complement her skincare line with a more holistic approach. For the same reason, we at Wonderful created a new category dedicated to health – because health and beauty go hand in hand.

*All plants in organic quality are harvested and processed within 12 hours so that the floral waters carry all the active substances that the herbs contain.

Some of C.Lavie’s nutricosmetics include:

Relief, a high-quality organic floral water from verbena leaves. It treats inflammation and heals the oral and intestinal mucosa. It also has soothing properties that can help calm you if you are experiencing nervous fatigue or a lack of motivation. It’s a perfect boost for physical and mental well-being.





Balance, a high-quality organic floral water from fragrant geranium. In addition to cleansing and stimulating liver function, it helps maintain the proper functioning of your cardiovascular system. It reduces stress and facilitates concentration. To put it in simply, it balances your energy to make you feel great again.




Energy, a high-quality organic floral water from mint leaves. Organic mint hydrates and energizes the body. It helps with digestion and can help with fears that result from a lack of self-esteem. These conditions often manifest on the skin, and now you can beat them!



WONDERFUL TIP: Herbal treatments usually last three to four weeks, followed by a break. If necessary, after a minimum gap of one week, it is possible to continue using it for three to four weeks.

Food Supplements: Yes or No?

Finally, you can also support your journey to a healthy and beautiful self with the help of dietary supplements. Not all nutritional supplements, which are supposed to supply the body with the right vitamins and minerals, are high-quality and clean, so you can unknowingly voluntarily harm yourself or consume useless substances that will not benefit you. Always choose the best quality and certified food supplements. If you are unsure, always rely on the supply of all essential nutrients directly from food. Because we have seen significant gaps in the market when it comes to supplements, you can find our offerings in Wonderful’s health category.

As you can see, radiant skin shouldn’t always start with cosmetics. Pamper your skin and body, from the inside, out. Eating and drinking habits, and regular self-care can help you return to balance. It's time to shine again.