Cocktail full of protein and chocolate? Energy in every sip!

Do you have a weakness for chocolate like we do? Then we have chocolate inspiration for you - this week we will enjoy a protein smoothie that will caress our chocolate hearts. Yum!

Why buy expensive protein shakes on the way from the gym when you can prepare the best one yourself in a few minutes? It's time to mix a delicious choco smoothie with a good dose of protein. A cocktail that delights you with its creamy taste, but also its composition - satisfying and delicious. And the best part? It will not contain anything that shouldn't belong to it!

Does a better alternative to healthy and tasty food than this chocolate bomb even exist?

You will only need a few ingredients to prepare a thick smoothie with a luxurious chocolate flavor.
Here is a list of things to prepare:

  • 1.5 cups almond milk
  • several seedless dates
  • 1-2 bananas
  • almond butter
  • hemp hearts

You already know the procedures for mixing smoothies well.
As usual, you need to thoroughly mix everything except the almond butter and seeds that you use to decorate the cocktail.
From the stated amount of ingredients, you will prepare two rich drinks, which you just need to decorate and you can serve.
And what is so special about a protein smoothie?

Vegetable protein? And your smoothie will be fulfilling!

So a key ingredient in a protein smoothie is, of course, protein. Unflavored vegetable protein adds a few grams of protein to the snack, thanks to which your smoothie replaces a real snack or food.
To make the choco smoothie absolutely perfect, there are also other goodies - a natural sweetener in the form of dates, bananas for a creamy taste and a good dose of minerals ... and of course quality cocoa powder. This is the ingredient that will take care of the delicious chocolate taste and energizing. Perfection!

Ingredients swaps in smoothie 

As usual, we also have tips for you if you desire or need to replace any of the ingredients. It's playful! If you need a lower sugar intake, just exchange one of the bananas for a cup of frozen cauliflower. The cocktail will remain creamy, it just won't have such a high sugar content.

Allergy sufferers who have to avoid nuts - you simply exchange almond milk for oatmeal or coconut.

Another exchangeable raw material is sweet dates. Don't have them on hand? Drizzle a smoothie with a spoonful of maple syrup or honey. And you know what? Sweetening is not mandatory.

For some, the natural sweetness of a banana is enough, which is perfectly complemented with tasty cocoa.
Well, anyway, we're already rushing to the kitchen, we're drooling!